Tips for Selecting Patio Furniture in Florida


When it comes to patio furniture in Florida, there are a lot of choices to choose from! What may first seem overwhelming is in fact not as hard as it appears. With the right understanding of materials, aesthetics, and colors the choices become much clearer. Humidity, sunlight and other factors must be taken into consideration in order to buy properly without fear of missing out. Let’s explore the best ways to select patio furniture in Florida!

It Should Fit the Aesthetic

First and foremost is always the aesthetic of how the furniture looks. If it’s well suited for Florida weather then that’s one thing, but if you hate how it looks, then that defeats the entire purpose. Often times the very color and style of your house can be a good starting point for deciding what would fit in. If your house is more traditional then outfitting it with extremely modern European furniture may seem out of place. Make sure that your furniture is right for your space.

Consider the Climate

There are types of outdoor furniture designed to let water pass through and dry quickly, which can really come in handy in wet, humid locations. Though cotton cushions may feel much more comfortable, they are not properly suited for the humidity, rain and prolonged sun exposure of the Florida sun. Getting polyester "indoor-outdoor" cushions is certainly an investment in comfort that will last longer than cotton. Taking the cushion in and out before every rainstorm is sometimes unrealistic without a protective chair cover, and even then you still have to remember to put the cover back onto the chair before every storm.


Many local stores are more fun and convenient to buy in person but may not offer the best prices. Shopping online allows you to source many options from many different places and get the exact style, price, and color that you want! Sites like AliExpress.com even allow you to buy directly from the country where most goods are made (China), and so this can offer immense purchasing discounts over a retailer like HomeGoods who may raise their prices in order to create a margin for themselves. Cut out the middleman and go directly to the source in order to obtain increased savings.

When you’re choosing furniture for your patio in Florida can be tricky because there are just so many options.  Leading from your head along with your heart is often the path that will get you the patio furniture with the correct aesthetics, the correct price and the correct indoor-outdoor materials for Florida weather. Make sure to buy directly from the source in order to save money and, if possible, always buy protective chair covers if your patio is exposed to the elements.

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