Is Your House Ready for the Summer Heat?

The summer months will soon be upon us. For residents of Florida, this means sweltering heat and the threat of powerful storms. Your home should be the place where you can always go to relax and retreat from the elements when you feel the need to do so. You can ensure that you feel both safe and comfortable in your home throughout the heat of the summer by paying proper attention to a few vital points.

Prevent Water Damage

Summer is the wettest of the four seasons for people living in areas like Florida that experience tropical storms and hurricanes. Florida residents also experience a great deal of heat along with the increased precipitation. These conditions work together to make your home more susceptible to damage from water in the summer months.

You can protect your home from water damage by fixing any leaks that may exist and making sure your gutters are clear of debris. Monitor your water bill for any unexpected cost increases. This is a sign that a possible leak exists somewhere in your home. You should also keep a working sump pump in your home if other protection measures fail.

Get Your AC Running at Peak Efficiency

You will definitely need your air conditioning system working well if you're going to be comfortable during the summer months. You can start by changing the filters and checking for problems with the major components of your system. Your vents should also be clean and free from dust. Having duct leaks can seriously impact the efficiency of your home's heating and cooling system. You should take the time to check that your ductwork contains no leaks and that everything is attached properly.

Insulate Your Attic

Your home will be better able to withstand the summer heat if there is proper insulation in your attic. Most people know that attic insulation will keep heat from escaping their homes during the winter months, but it will also repel the heat from outside in the summer. Both the temperature in your home and the amount you pay to cool your home can be reduced by adding sufficient insulation.

Florida residents don't need anyone to tell them of the extreme temperatures they will sometimes face during the summer months. During these times, they need their home to be a sanctuary that protects them from the harshness of the elements. The three tips above will prove effective at helping you prepare your home for the summer heat.

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