How to Make a Rental Property Pet-Friendly

After you’ve made the decision to allow pets on your rental property, it’s important to know how to protect your property for yourself, your tenants, and their pets. Although allowing pets to live on your property will help you earn more money as well as help your tenants be happier, there is a possibility that pets may damage your property. Take some time to pet-proof your property through investing in pet-friendly flooring, fencing, and wall surfaces. Scroll down and keep reading to find out more!


Take Out Carpet

Although carpet is soft and cozy, replacing it with other flooring materials like tile, laminate, or hardwood will make the flooring easier to clean and maintain. Laminate is among the most resilient flooring types. Sealing your floors with a protective sealant will help minimize odors and help your tenants’ pets make less of a mess on your rental property. Although carpet tends to be cheaper than hardwood flooring, paying the extra cost now will make up for having to replace the carpet dozens of times in the future.



When making your rental property pet-friendly, it’s a good idea to consider upgrading your current fencing. Investing in good fencing for your rental property will help keep tenants’ pets safe and ensure that they have a great place to play and exercise outside. Wood fences are some of the most secure and pet-friendly fences. Try to go for a solid wood fence, as opposed to a slatted one. This will help shield high energy pets from getting overstimulated and barking at passerby. Other good fence options include chain link and vinyl fences.


Protect your walls, doors, and windows

If your rental property is pet-friendly, it is a good idea to take steps to protect your walls, doors, and windows from stains, chips and scratches. High-gloss, semi-gloss, and satin paints will give you a hard, moisture-proof finish that will preserve your surfaces and allow them to be washed easily. You can protect your windows by purchasing thick, heavy blinds instead of fabric curtains or flimsy plastic shades. This will help prevent pets from biting and pulling on the window coverings. Investing in plexiglass and Lucite panels is another inexpensive option to protect your doors and windows from scratches.


As you invest in pet-friendly flooring, fencing, and window, door, and wall coverings, your property will be safer and your tenants’ pets will be too! These suggestions will help your pet-friendly rental properties stay free from damage.

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